Lesson Notes for Problem Sets in Mr. Santowski's IB Math SL Classes


These are some lesson note oddities/peculiarities that I insist upon, as I will REGULARLY collect and check your notebooks!!!


(1) Include the lesson date and Problem Set number in your notes.

(2) You should write down any key terms/definitions & formulas that are presented.

(3) Participate in the discussions about the solutions to the questions; the solutions and the concepts and some of the discussion ideas should be included into your notes.

(4) For all questions, do make an attempt at a solution. Leave empty spaces for difficult questions in your notebook so you can write the solutions into your notes.

(5) Make sure ALL board solutions eventually make their way into your notebook, as you are expected to have COMPLETE solutions to ALL PROBLEMS.

(6) Keep your notebook well organized and up-to-date. I will regularly ask to see your Problem Sets and MARK your Problem Sets!!!!

Thursday, Sept 6

SL Problem Set 5

Link to SL Problem Set 5

Tuesday, Sept 4

SL Problem Set 4

Link to SL Problem Set 4

Sunday, Sept 2

SL Problem Set 3

Link to SL Problem Set 3

Wednesday, August 29

SL Problem Set 2

Link to SL Problem Set 2

Monday, August 27

SL Problem Set 1

SL Problem Set 1