Lesson Notes for Mr. Santowski's IB Math SL2 Classes


These are some lesson note oddities/peculiarities that I insist upon, as I will OCCASIONALLY collect and grade your notebooks!!!


(1) Include the lesson date, lesson number and title into your notes

(2) You may write down any key terms/definitions that are presented

(3) Participate in the concept development/exploration/investigation   and include this into your notes

(4) Participate in lesson examples and make sure that the question (exact or paraphrased) is included as is YOUR attempt at a solution OR at my illustrated solution

(5) Feel free to print out the lesson notes BEFORE you come to class (as they will be uploaded on my web pages prior to the lesson being taught). Including these printouts plus your additions to the printed notes is a valid way of keeping your note book up to date.

(6) Keep your notebook well organized and up-to-date. I will periodically, without advance notice, collect and MARK your lesson notes!!!!

(7) I do encourage you to do SOME of your lesson work & homework solutions & conceptual developments on the whiteboards. So get into the habit of taking pictures of your board work & posting these pictures of your work onto a Google site (which would represent an e-version (or extension) of your notebook

Sunday, Mar 19

SL2 Lesson 39 - Normal Distributions - DAY 2 - Working with the Normal Distribution

Worksheet #1 and Worksheet #2 and Worksheet #3

To Review for the UNIT TEST ==> Worksheet #4 on Statistical Distributions

Sunday, Mar 12

SL2 Lesson 39 - Normal Distributions

Worksheet #1 and Worksheet #2

Lesson 39 Notes

Monday, Mar 6

SL2 Lesson 38 - Working with Binomial Probability Distributions

Lesson 38 Notes

Thursday, Mar 1

SL2 Lesson 37 - Binomial Probability Distributions

Lesson 37 Notes

Sunday, Feb 26

SL2 Lesson 36 - Working with Discrete Random Variables

Lesson 36 Problem Set

Monday, Feb 20

SL2 Lesson 35 - Introduction to Random Variables

Lesson 35 Lesson Notes

Sunday, Feb 12

SL2 Lesson 34 - Probabilities with Formulas

Lesson 34 Lesson Notes

Thursday, Feb 2

SL2 Lesson 33 - Independent & Dependent Events

Lesson 33 Lesson Notes

Tuesday, Jan 31

SL2 Lesson 32 - Using Venn Diagrams to Review Probability

Lesson 32 Lesson Notes

Sunday, Jan 29

SL2 Lesson 31 - Using Tree Diagrams to Review Probability

Lesson 31 Lesson Notes

Tuesday, Jan 24

SL2 Lesson 30 - Lines of Best Fit & Correlation

Lesson 30 Lesson Notes

Wednesday, Jan 18

SL2 Lesson 29 - Variance & Standard Deviation - Changes in the Data

Lesson 29 Lesson Notes

Monday, Jan 16

SL2 Lesson 28 - Variance & Standard Deviation

Lesson 28 Lesson Notes

Thursday, Jan 12

SL2 Lesson 27 - Univariate Statistics - Review PART 2

Lesson 27 Lesson Notes

ALTERNATE IB style Questions for Lesson 27 and the solution key

Sunday, Jan 8

SL2 Lesson 26 - Univariate Statistics - Review PART 1

Lesson 26 Lesson Notes

Thursday, Dec 1

SL2 Lesson 25 - Volumes of Revolution

Lesson 25 Lesson Notes

Sunday, Nov 28

SL2 Lesson 24 - Area between Curves

Lesson 24 Lesson Notes

Sunday, Nov 21

SL2 Lesson 22 - Definite and Indefinite Integrals

Lesson 22 Lesson Notes

Tuesday, Nov 16

SL2 Lesson 21 - Antiderivatives as Integrals

Lesson 21 Lesson Notes

Thursday, Nov 10

SL2 Lesson 20 - Motion: Introducing Antiderivatives

Lesson 20 Lesson Notes

Tuesday, Nov 8

SL2 Lesson 19 - Application of Derivatives: Motion

Lesson 19 Lesson Notes

Sunday, Nov 6

SL2 Lesson 18 - Optimization Problems

Lesson 18 Problem Set

Monday, Oct 31

SL2 Lesson 17 - Optimization

Link to Lesson 17 as PPT presentation OR link here for PDF version of the PPT notes

Monday, Oct 24

SL2 Lesson 16 - Further Differentiation Techniques - Consolidation

Lesson 16 Problem Set

Thursday, Oct 19

SL2 Lesson 15 - Further Differentiation Techniques - Chain Rule

Lesson 15 Notes

Tuesday, Oct 18

SL2 Lesson 14 - Further Differentiation Techniques

Lesson 14 Notes

Sunday, Oct 16

SL2 Lesson 13 - Further Derivatives: Trigonometric, Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Lesson 13 Notes

Thursday, Sept 29

SL2 Lesson 12 - Curve Analysis with Derivatives

Lesson 12 Notes

Tuesday, Sept 27

SL2 Lesson 11 - Concavity and Second Derivatives

Link to Lesson 11 as PPT presentation OR link here for PDF version of the PPT notes

Sunday, Sept 25

SL2 Lesson 10 - First Derivative Test

Link to Lesson 10 as PPT presentation OR link here for PDF version of the PPT notes

Wednesday, Sept 21

SL2 Lesson 9 - Intervals of Increase & Decrease

Lesson 9 Notes

Thursday, Sept 8

SL2 Lesson 8 - Graphical Differentiation - DAY 1

Link to Google Sheet for PART 2 of Lesson 8 and here is the link to the Handout of Graphs & Derivatives

Two helpful links are given here: LINK #1 (geogebra) and a second link to an interactive geogebra worksheet

Another Interactive LINK

Link to SL2 Lesson 8 and PPT presentation OR link here for PDF version of the PPT notes

Sunday, Sept 4

SL2 Lesson 7 - Working with Tangents and Normals

Link to SL2 Lesson 7 as a pdf

Sunday, Sept 4

SL2 Lesson 7 - The Derivative of Power Functions - The Power Rule

Link to SL2 Lesson 7 as a pdf OR as a PPT presentation

Wednesday, August 31

SL2 Lesson 6 - The Derivative as a Function

Play with this animation and be able to explain what happens & why!

Link to SL2 Lesson 6 as a pdf OR as a PPT presentation

Monday, August 29

SL2 Lesson 5 - The Derivative of a Function at a Point - First Principles

Link to SL2 Lesson 5 as a pdf OR as a PPT presentation

Thursday, August 25

SL2 Lesson 4 - Limits and Instantaneous Rates of Change

Link to SL2 Lesson 4 as a pdf OR as a PPT presentation

Tuesday, August 23

SL2 Lesson 3 - Introduction to Limits and Linearity

Link to SL2 Lesson 3

Sunday, August 21

SL2 Lesson 2 - Introduction to Average Rates of Change

Link to SL2 Lesson 2

Wednesday, August 17

SL2 Lesson 1 - The Three Parabolas Problem

Link to SL2 Lesson 1