Student Assessment in Functions & Trig

I will be using a variety of assessment strategies, whether it be the regular tests, quizzes, and homework assignments, or other creative manners through with can demonstrate your mastery of skills/concepts (i.e. model building, producing videos/movies, teaching peers, etc ...) There are 7 expectations that describe the mathematical processes that students need to learn and apply as they work to achieve the expectations of this course. These include expectations include:


  1. Problem Solving
  2. Reasoning and Proving
  3. Reflecting
  4. Selection of Tools and Strategies
  5. Connecting
  6. Representing
  7. Communicating



Student work will be selected to help students develop proficiency with these expectations and thus, one component of assessing student work will be the demonstration of the pertinent expectation(s)



The student mark will be determined according to the following breakdown:



Unit Portfolio Work






Unit Tests






Semester Exam