Website Quiz


1. How many “links” buttons are on the Calculus homepage?


2. If you want to find the next day’s lesson, where would you go?


3. When is your homework due?


4. What lesson am I teaching on the 28th of September?


5. When did I post my second announcement?


6. What is my email address?


7. In my “Hints” page, what is the 1st hint/suggestion?


8. What extra resources have I listed?


9. How will your final grade be determined?


10. What’s the course theme? Explain what is means to you.


11. Check out Class Policy #5. What does it mean to you?


12. Check out Class Policy #8. What should you do if you miss the next lesson?


13. How would you find out when an assignment is due?


14. Go to the Homework link. What are points 5,6,10?


15. Go to the Assignments link. When is the first assignment due?


16. Have your parents email me your responses to this quiz. Only email solutions are going to be marked.