Homework For Mr Santowski's Algebra II Classes


These are the various homework "formats and oddities" that I insist upon:


(1) Include date, lesson title, page number and questions at the top of your HW.

(2) do your homework the evening the lesson was taught.

(3) homework is due on my desk our next class period before the lesson starts.

(4) all homework MUST be checked against the answer key in the back of the book.

(5) I MUST see RED/BLUE check marks or RED/BLUE wrong marks for your work.

(6) Any homework that is incorrect MUST be corrected (or I must see a reasonable attempt!)

(7) Collaborate with your classmates, but DO NOT simply copy their work. If you really don't understand it, SOLVE YOUR OWN PROBLEM (ASK yourself about what resources you have available to you???!?!?!?!)

(8) Graded homework will be placed in your binder in the HOMEWORK section of your notebook.

(9) Your homework grade reflects either (i) did you follow my instructions? or (ii) did you do ALL the questions or (iii) maybe I just marked ONE question in detail

(10) Late homework ...... don't bother!


Lesson Date Lesson Topic/Title Page/Questions

Tuesday, May 27


Lesson 10.3 - Cosine Law


Textbook, p796 98

(i) Sides: Q1-6

(ii) Angles: Q7-12

(iii) Combinations: Q13-17,24-29


Sunday, May 25


Lesson 10.2 - Sine Law


Textbook, p789 91

(i) Sides & Angles: Q5-15odds,17-24all

(ii) Area: Q30-37

(iii) Applications: Q16,27,28,42


Monday, May 19


Lesson 10.1 - Right Triangle Trigonometry


Textbook, p782 4

(i) Basics: Q2,3, 9-17eol, 25-33eol

(ii) Solving Triangles: Q5,6,7,18,19,23,35-40

(iii) Applications: Q1,8,24,52


Thursday, May 15


Lesson 9.5 - Solving Rational Equations


Textbook, p514, Q3,6,9,12,15,18,21,22-25, 35, 38, 39-51odds


Wednesday, May 7


Lesson 9.3 - Graphing Rational Functions


Textbook, p495-6, Q1-24 (odds WITHOUT TI-89, evens WITH TI-89)


Monday, May 5


Lesson 9.2 - Simplifying Rational Expressions


Textbook, p501-3, Q1-6, 19-21, 24, 26, 33-35


Thursday, May 1


Lesson 9.1b - Graphs of Inverse Variation


Textbook, p481, Q13,14,35,36,52 and

P488, Q14,16,18,20,22,24,40,4


Tuesday, April 29


Lesson 9.1a - Inverse Variation


Lesson Notes Handout, complete page 1


Wednesday, April 23


Lesson 8.6 - Applications of Logarithmic & Exponential Equations


Lesson Handout, Q5-18


Thursday & Monday, April 17 & 21


Lesson 8.5 - Logarithmic & Exponential Equations


Lesson Handout page 3: Q4,5,6 and on page 4 of handout: Q1-6


Sunday & Tuesday, April 13 & 15


Lesson 8.4 - Properties of Logarithmics


Page 449-450, Q11-29 odds, 33-41odds, 45-55 odds, 73-87 odds


Wednesday, April 2


Lesson 8.3 - Logarithmic Functions


page 442, Q7-25 odds, 35 47 odds, 53 61 odds, 76,77,79 to be graphed


Monday, March 31


Lesson 8.2 - Graphs of Exponential Functions


Textbook, page 434, Q1-13, 32-35


Tuesday, March 25


Lesson 8.1 - Modeling with Exponential Functions


Textbook, page 426-428, Q9,11,13,17,19,21,25,27,32,33,38,39,40,43,44,45


Thursday, March 20


Lesson 7.5 - Root Functions & Inverse Functions


Textbook, page 404-5, Q1-27 odds, Q35-43 odds, Q47-57 odds


Sunday, Mar 16


Lesson 7.4 - Graphs of Root Functions


S7.8, p411, Q1,3,5,7,9,11,12,15, 24,26,27,28


Tueday, Mar 11


Lesson 7.3B - Radical Equations: A Graphic Perspective


S7.1, p388-89, Q2,4,16,18,22,40,42


Sunday, Mar 9


Lesson 7.3 - Radical Equations: An Algebraic Perspective


S7.1, p388-89, Q1,3,5,6, Q15,17,21,24,25,26, Q39,44,45,47,48,49


Wednesday, Mar 5


Lesson 7.2 - Radical Expressions: An Algebraic Perspective


S7.1, p366, Q21-28, 44-54

S7.2, p371-2, Q9-34,39,40,44-51

S7.3, p376, Q29-31,37,38,43


Monday, Mar 3


Lesson 7.1 - Radicals: A Numeric Perspective


S7.1, p366, Q1-20, 29-32,39-42

S7.2, p371-2, Q1-8,17,23,37,38,41-43

S7.3, p376, Q1-3, 7-28


Thursday, Feb 28


PREP for Lesson 7.1 - Roots & Radicals


p366, Q1-27 odds

p371, Q9-21 odds

p376, Q1-11 odds


Wednesday, Feb 20


Lesson 6.4B - Solving Polynomial Equations


p324, Q12-32 evens, Q42-58 evens (all would be preferable)


Monday, Feb 18


Lesson 6.4 - Solving Polynomial Equations


p333, Q1-6,25-28

p324-5, Q1,3,5,7,9,33,35,37,39,54,55


Wednesday, Feb 13


Lesson 6.3B - Factoring Polynomial



Q1,2,3,5,6,8,9,10,11,12 odds


Monday, Feb 11


Lesson 6.3 - Dividing Polynomials


Textbook, page 318



Thursday, Feb 7


Lesson 6.2 - Polynomials & Linear Factors


Textbook, p311-313,

Complete any of Q17,18,21,22,23,34,35,36,42,45,47,53 as needed

Add Q58,59,61


Tuesday, Feb 5


Lesson 6.2 - Polynomials & Linear Factors


Textbook, p311-313,



Sunday, Feb 3


Lesson 6.1 - Polynomial Functions


Complete the in class Graphing Exercises

Textbook, p303-304,