Course Theme: As you sow, so shall you reap


Here's a couple of suggestions for making through this course successfully (and maybe even getting a good mark ...... as if that was important ?!?!?!?!)


(1) Homework suggestion; plan on spending an hour a night on Math, whether it be on homework from class, working on assignments or simply practicing to keep your skill set sharp. Aim to set aside some weekend time for Math as well. On the whole, I would expect about 6 - 8 hours per week devoted to this course.


(2) Have a support network. Who are you going to call when you get stuck? Do you have a Math Study Group formed yet for awesome weekend math "parties"???


(3) Do not procrastinate on assignments, homework, or studying for tests. These assessments are difficult and challenging and you may not have the necessary help if you leave things off until the last minute.


(4) Keep your notebook organized: Have one section for lesson notes, one for homework, and one for test prep.


(5) With respect to skill development, remember two things: (i) what course are you planning on taking in Math next year???? (ii) ultimately Math is as much about CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT as it is about graphs & algebra & numbers. A little motto for you: As in Math, so in Life!