Homework For Mr Santowski's IB Math SL Classes

These Problem Sets have been designed to help you master all the required content for the IB Math SL course. It is not structured like most math courses you have previously taken, and you will see that it requires a different approach on your part.

In each Problem Set, you will be given a number of problems - usually between 7 and 8 - to prepare for the next lesson. They should take 100 - 120 minutes in total (inclusive of 85 minutes of class time). You might not always be able to fully solve all problems, but we expect you to attempt as many as you can. In class, you will be expected to present your solutions and discuss solutions that others have shared. Each lesson will involve discussing the problems you have prepared for homework in preparation for the next lesson. Lessons are your principal opportunity to ask for help on material you couldn’t do, so be prepared to ask other students how they solved problems or how they knew what approach to take. Discussion should take about 40 minutes in our lessons, and the remainder of the time should be spent looking at further problems from subsequent Problem Sets.

How you take notes is very much up to you, but we will indicate whenever we think there is a topic on which you are likely to want to take notes. If you are unsure what you are supposed to have understood from a question, ask your peers.


For Problem Set 1

Assigned on Wednesday, Aug 16

Due: Sunday, Aug 20

From Problem Set 1 complete Q4,5 and 6.

From Problem Set 1

Assigned on Thursday, Aug 17

Due: Monday, Aug 21

From Problem Set 1 complete Q4,5 and 6.