PROBLEM SETS for Mr. Santowski's Integrated Math 2 Class


These are some lesson note oddities/peculiarities that I insist upon:


(1) Include the lesson date, lesson number and title into your notes

(2) You may write down any key terms/definitions that are presented

(3) Participate in the concept development/exploration/investigation   and include this into your notes

(4) Participate in lesson examples and make sure that the question (exact or paraphrased) is included as is YOUR attempt at a solution OR at my illustrated solution

(5) Feel free to print out the lesson notes BEFORE you come to class (as they will be uploaded on my web pages prior to the lesson being taught). Including these printouts plus your additions to the printed notes is a valid way of keeping your note book up to date.

(6) Keep your notebook well organized and up-to-date. I will periodically, without advance notice, collect and MARK your lesson notes!!!!

(7) I do encourage you to do SOME of your lesson work & homework solutions & conceptual developments on the whiteboards. So get into the habit of taking pictures of your board work & posting these pictures of your work onto a Google site (which would represent an e-version (or extension) of your notebook

Wednesday, Aug 16

Problem Set 1 - The Art of Problem Solving

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