Homework For Mr Santowski's Integrated Math 2 Classes

The MAIN point to HW in this class is to practice HOW to do Math, so it has a SKILLS focus!! The MAIN point to the LESSONS is to see WHY we do the Math & WHAT we can do with it, so Lessons have an APPLICATION and PROBLEM SOLVING focus

(1) Include date, lesson title, page number and questions at the top of your HW.

(2) Do your homework the evening the lesson was taught.

(3) Homework is due our next class period before the lesson starts. If your homework is not completed, the incompletion WILL BE NOTED in my records & parents will be advised, but you will have until the end of the unit to complete and submit any late homework.

(4) All homework MUST be checked against the answer key that will be provided for most HW assignments (or together in class in our next lesson). I SHOULD see RED/BLUE check marks or RED/BLUE wrong marks for your work.

(5) Any homework that is incorrect SHOULD be corrected (or I must see a reasonable attempt!)

(6) Collaborate with your classmates, but DO NOT simply copy their work. If you really don't understand it, SOLVE YOUR OWN PROBLEM (ASK yourself about what resources you have available to you???!?!?!?!)

For Mr Santowski's B BLOCK IM2 Class


Assigned on Wednesday, Aug 16

Due: Sunday, Aug 20

Write a solution to the Camel Problem and hand in to me on Sunday