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Jan 23

Here is a link to the Lab 3 Writing Assignment feedback rubric & checklist

Due Date: A Block class ==> Monday, Jan 29

Due Date: F Block class ==> Tues, Jan 30

Jan 14


Assessment #5 ==> Feb 7/8

Assessment #6 ==> Mar 5/6

Assessment #7 ==> Apr 16/17

Assessment #8 ==> May 16/17

Nov 27

Our FOURTH ASSESSMENT will happen on Tuesday, Dec 5 & Wednesday, Dec 6. The topics that will be assessed include sequences and series (A1.1), working with exponents & logarithms in equations and as functions (A1.2 and F2.7), binomial theorem (A1.3), arcs and sectors (T3.2), modeling with trig functions (T3.4), algebraic & geometric vectors (V4.1), probability (SP5.5, SP5.6). The skills and concepts from Problem Sets 16 - 23 should be completed and understood.

Review Suggestions:

(A) Use the Cirrito book to practice with some of the EXAMPLE problems, as they will show you a solution. Best advice is to ONLY view the question, try it yourself, then only after you’ve tried it, look at the solution.

(B) Likewise, use the Oxford book and in a similar manner, try some Examples yourself, BEFORE looking at their solutions

(C) Have a study partner and study with someone!!

(D) Come to a STUDY SESSION on Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 6pm, but come prepared to WORK!!

Oct 29

Our THIRD ASSESSMENT will happen on (i) Tuesday, NOV 7 for ISST traveling athletes. All others will write in their class periods on Mon/Tues on Nov 13/14. The topics that will be assessed include trig equations (T3.5), working with logarithms (A1.2), geometric vectors (V4.1), sequences and series (A1.1), stats and probability (SP5.3, SP5.6) and function transformations (F2.3). The skills and concepts from Problem Sets 12 - 17 should be completed and understood

Oct 13

Our SECOND ASSESSMENT will happen on Wednesday. The topics that we have focused upon in the past month include (i) trigonometry (T3.4, T3.5), (ii) rational and exponential fcns (F2.5, F2.6), (iii) stats (SP5.1, SP5.2, SP5.3) and (iv) an intro to vectors (V4.1) and will be the focal point of this assessment

Aug 27

Our FIRST QUIZ will happen on Tuesday & Wednesday. It will be a brief 2 question short answer quiz, focusing on PS 1 and PS 2 and PS 4. Make sure you are confident in understanding and being able to "perform" all skills reviewed in these problem sets

Aug 16

LINK to the Lesson Reflection FORM to be completed at the end of each class period.

July 24

Welcome to the 2017/18 school year. Let's work together towards a successful Math SL experience .... and, hey, let's learn some Math too!!!!!

July 24

Bookmark the following websites:

(1) DESMOS: an online graphing calculator to help visualize math ideas & concepts.

(2) dynamic geometry software Geogebra that we will use throughout the course for conceptual development of ideas

(3) Wolfram Alpha for help in doing all the algebra!!!

(4) Bookmark for access to my website