Class Policies for Mr. Santowski's Math Classes


1. WHAT TO EXPECT IN CLASS: Lessons are predominantly modeled upon a STUDENT DIRECTED DISCUSSION BASED format. Usually, the discussions are led and directed by YOU & YOUR GROUP, as you work though the examples and problems that I have prepared & compiled for each lesson. You and your group are expected to engage collaboratively through the problems, addressing amongst yourselves any difficulties or problems encountered as you proceed through the problems. The solutions to ALL problems will eventually be presented upon the board - written by you folks of course!!!

2. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE PROBLEMS: I will have prepared & compiled the problems & questions: some are meant for REVIEW purposes, some will be meant for "foreshadowing" or EXTENSION purposes, some for SKILL development & some for CONCEPTUAL development and finally some for PROBLEM SOLVING purposes.

3. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ME: I will usually circulate around the room, listening to your ideas and the development of your solutions. I may make occasional "suggestions" - usually in the form of questions, however. I will be happy to discuss your proposed strategies and ideas and solutions & will often ask you WHY you have pursued the problem in the manner you have. I usually like to answer YOUR questions with MY questions ..... and usually the answer to MY question will help you with YOUR original question to me!!! I will always to willing to participate in your discussions/questions on the basis of what you have already done - if you have NOTHING done, it severely LIMITS our exchange of ideas!!!!

4. Lesson Conduct: My expectation is that you participate in the exchange of ideas that is absolutely important for the development of the concepts/skills during the lesson. So, during the our classwork, do not be disruptive or talking in class or do not be OFF-TASK. You are only harming yourself .... plus the person(s) with whom you are talking. Stay on task!

5. Below are the key homework policies you should know:

(a) Feel free to collaborate with your peers, but make sure your work is your own

(b) Include date, lesson title, page number and questions at the top of your HW.

(c) Do your homework the evening the lesson was taught.

(d) All homework MUST be checked against the answers which are usually provided.

(e) Homework is due the next class before the start of the lesson. If your homework is not completed, the incompletion WILL BE NOTED in my records & parents will be advised, but you will have until the end of the unit to complete and submit any late homework and still potentially receive full credit for the work.

6. The following are key assignment policies you should know:

(a) Feel free to collaborate with your peers, but make sure your work is your own.

(b) All assignments are due on the day specified at the beginning of class.

(c) Late assignments: you have until I return marked assignments to submit them (Usually 2-3 days) at the discounted rate of -25% per day.

(d) Include a copy of the rubric and the question page with your work.

(e) All work should be word processed and graphs should be computer/calculator generated.

7. The following are key Test policies you should know:

(a) TEST Content: In SL Year 2, all tests will be CUMULATIVE: any material from past and present units/topics can be and will be assessed on Unit Tests & Mid Unit Quizzes. You will be given some advance notice about some of the topics/concepts I plan on incorporating into Unit Assessments

(b) Students ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to submit sufficient TEST PREP materials.

(c) Students ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO BE current on ALL lesson notes and ALL homework assignments & other class assignments that were presented in our current unit.

(d) Test Reflection and Correction initiative. Students will have the opportunity to reflect upon their mistakes/misunderstandings and will have the opportunity to record reflections and then make corrections of their solutions/answers. Students will receive full make-up credit "marks" & these Reflection & Correction marks will scored in the FORMATIVE component of the student grade. Timeline for TR & C => students will have one week from the return of the Test in order to complete the Reflection & Correction. Students will complete the Reflections & Corrections in our classrooms, during free periods i.e. lunch, break, before school, after school (BUT NOT during class-time & NOT at home with tutors)

8. The following are key attendance policies you should know:

(a) TESTS: If you are absent for a test, your parents will email me (as well as the school - HS Office)that morning. You will also present a note to the office AND TO ME upon your return, and write a make-up test on the day of your return. Failure to comply: this qualifies as an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE and will result in a 0% score on the test and NO retake. If you are going to miss a test due to extracurricular activities, inform me prior to the activity.

(b) ASSIGNMENTS: Since your assignment is word processed anyway, you will email me your assignment. NO EXCEPTIONS.

(c) LESSON: You are required to do the lesson on your own at home (seeing that they are posted on this site and since you have a textbook)! All assigned class work & homework MUST be completed (seeing that it is posted on this site and since you have a textbook). If you have questions, ask your classmates or email me.

(d) HOMEWORK: You will submit your homework from the previous lessons and/or from the lesson(s) you missed.

(e) Students who will be legitimately absent for a prolonged period of time should notify me in advance of the absenteeism and obtain an outline of the topics and a list of pages that will be studied (i.e. sports, family issues, etc....)

(f) Exceptions will be made on an individual basis for legitimate affairs like family emergencies etc....

9. LAPTOP POLICY: You are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop computer to class! My only REQUEST is that the use of the laptop (especially the INTERNET) be LIMITED to RELEVANT CLASS ACTIVITIES. I have one simple rule ==> if I have to close your laptop screen, you cannot reopen it!!

10. EXTRA HELP: I will make myself available to you at any mutually agreed upon time. My free periods are Blocks B, E and G. I usually arrive to my class/office at 7:00 am and remain at school after classes, usually until 5:00 - 5:30 pm. Additionally, I am available every lunch period and during break time.

11. Where to find me: I will usually be in CLASSROOM MS326