From this page, you can connect to various links that will help you to be successful as you work through the course.

Jan 20

First ASSESSMENT of SEM 2 will happen on Monday, Jan 29. We will have a QUIZ covering PS4.1 - 4.4. Topics to be assessed included exponent rules, analyzing exponential data sets and graphs of exponential functions.

Aug 16

LINK to the Lesson Reflection FORM to be completed at the end of each class period.

July 24

Welcome to the 2017/18 school year. Let's work together towards a successful math experience .... and, hey, let's learn some Math too!!!!!

July 24

Bookmark the following websites:

(1) DESMOS: an online graphing calculator to help visualize math ideas & concepts.

(2) dynamic geometry software Geogebra that we will use throughout the course for conceptual development of ideas

(3) Wolfram Alpha for help in doing all the algebra!!!

(4) Bookmark for access to my website