From this page, you can connect to various links that will help you to be successful as you work through the course.

June 5

Here are a couple of STATS Review reviews/tests for your exam studying: a STATS REVIEW from 2015 and a STATS UNIT TEST from 2015

May 29

I will be available for an EXAM STUDY DROP IN SESSION on Thursday, June 2, from 3pm - 7pm as well on Sunday, June 5th, from 11am til 4pm. Drop in but be prepared to work and to answer other students questions!!

And here are e-copies of the handouts from our review classes for the CALC INACTIVE 2015 and CALC ACTIVE 2015 test questions

May 23

Here is the RELEASE of the Statistics Unit Assessment data set and a look at some of the questions/tasks that you would be required to perform in your data analysis assessment

May 17

Here is the link to the SEM EXAM REVIEW guidelines (or as a pdf file) (Objectives & Review Links)

Feb 8

To REVIEW the key ideas from Lesson 4.6, DAY 1, go to the following DESMOS interactive graph:

Jan 27

AFTER the Quiz:

(1) Video Link to Compound Interest: compounded more than once a year

(2) Practice Problems for Compounding

Jan 17

DATES to NOTE for our 4th Unit:

As decided/decreed: Mid Unit Quiz will be written on Wednesday, Jan 27

UNIT TEST will be written on Tuesday, Feb 16

Jan 9

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great holiday break!!!

Nov 28

EXAM PREP ANNOUNCEMENT: Here are a list of UNIT OBJECTIVES & EXAM PREP from our three units this semester. Read through the objectives and determine to what extent you believe you know each objective. Review material is posted on the Resources Page. I have posted blank copies of all Unit Tests & Quizzes from this year

Additionally, here is a simple review, addressing basic skills from our first two units

Nov 15

Link to Geogebra Applet for IM2 Lesson 3.1 on Introduction to Trigonometry

Nov 9

Link to the PCPR Classwork Self Assessment Rubric

Oct 1

Link to the blank copy of the Unit 1 Linear Relations & Systems TEST. I would suggest you work through the Unit TEST again at home. If you get stuck, come by and we can discuss your solutions & strategies

Oct 1

Link to the Geogebra program for Lesson 2.1

Oct 1

Link to the PCPR Classwork Self Assessment Rubric

Sept 30

Download the dynamic geometry software that we will use in Unit 2 (GEOGEBRA) from Be ready to play with this program in tomorrow's lesson

Sept 27

REMINDER about our first UNIT TEST on Tuesday, Sept 29. See Homework page for review suggestions

Sep 16

Sep 16

Link to the PCPR Classwork Self Assessment Rubric

Aug 26

ANNOUNCING the date of our first QUIZ: WEDNESDAY, SEP 2

TP PREPARE: ALL students should work through some of the questions on this practice sheet. The Review Questions are linked here. Answers are on page 3

Here are two additional links to Quizzes given in previous years: QUIZ #1 (Q3 - 9) and QUIZ #2 (although no Answer Key is available ... yet ... )

June 10

Bookmark the following websites:

(1) for an online graphing calculator from

(2) for the dynamic geometry software that we will use in Unit 2 from

(2) Bookmark for access to my website