From this page, you can connect to various links that will help you to be successful as you work through the course.

May 30


And here are e-copies of the handouts from our review classes for the CALC INACTIVE and CALC ACTIVE test questions

May 20

Statistics Extra Credit Assignment

On Thursday, May 21st; Sunday, May 24th, Monday, May 25th, and Tuesday, May 26th you have the opportunity to come in before school (7:30), during lunch or during your FLEX to complete a Statistics Extra Credit Assignment.

During E, F, G, H, and A Blocks you will go to Ms. Aschenbrenner's room to work. **Note: on May 21st, you must see Mr. Santowski** During C and D Blocks you will go to Mr. Santowski's room to work. During B Block you will go to Ms. Rappe's room to work. This is an individual assignment. You cannot bring work into the classroom or leave with any work. The assignment should only take one block to complete but you can work on it multiple times within those four days.

If you turn it in, it will be graded (for better or worse). You can decide after you start working on the assignment whether you want to turn it in or not. You can decide whether it counts as a Quiz or an Assignment grade.

Apr 30


THE JUNE EXAM REVIEW PACKAGE is linked here. I have listed ALL the objectives/concepts/skills that you are expected to know & master & thus demonstrate on the EXAM!!

Apr 20

DATES for QUADRATIC UNIT TEST has been set for Monday, April 27 for E Block and Tuesday, April 28 for A BLOCK

Review suggestions: from Nelson Chapter 3 Review, page 321-335, you should work through the following:

(1)READ THROUGH ALL EXAMPLES, but remember that success in MATH involves DOING as well, so .....

(2) Work through the Extra Practice Questions Q1, 3, 4abc, 5, 6ace, 7, 8, 9, 11acegik, 12, 13, 14acdefgh, 15, 16acefg, 17ab, 19

(3) Work through the Chapter 3 Review TEST on page 337-338

Answer are linked here, starting on Page 627

April 19

REMINDER: Our UNIT TEST for our QUADRATIC Functions unit will be written on:

Monday, April 27 for E Block

Tuesday, April 28 for A Block

Review material will be posted soon

Apr 15

Here is the LINK to the PCPR scoring rubric.

Mar 9

ANNOUNCING a MID-UNIT Quiz for Quadratic Functions ==> to be written on Tuesday, Mar 17 for Block E class and on Thursday, Mar 19 for Block A class.

Review suggestions on the HOMEWORK page - work through (i) examples from Lesson Notes, (ii) previously assigned HW and (iii) Nelson 10, Mid Chapter 3 Review Exercises

Feb 10

REMINDER: Our UNIT TEST for our Exponential Functions unit will be written on:

Wednesday, Feb 18 for A Block

Thursday, Feb 19 for E Block

Review material is posted on the HOMEWORK Page

Feb 10


For those of you who are interested (or invited!!!) to consider writing the University of Waterloo Math Contests, here are some links to get you started:

Link to past contests here (Look at past Pascal Contests

Link to the 2014 Pascal Contest

Jan 29

Quiz Studying Suggestions for Weekend HW:

(A) Data Set Analysis Worksheet - 3 data sets to be analyzed

(B) Working with Exponents Worksheet, see pages 3 & 4

(C) Modeling with Exponential Functions Worksheet

You may also revisit ANY problems/questions that we worked through on our lesson notes

Jan 22

Here is theLINK to the PCPR scoring rubric.

Dec 9

Here is the LINK to a STUDY GUIDE for our SEMESTER EXAM

NOTE: You ARE required to submit an EXAM PREP on the day of the exam.

I have added three additional resources onto the Exam Study Guide ==> I have added blank copies of our Unit 1 QUIZ as well as our Unit 1 TEST and the Unit 2 TEST. Here is our most recent TEST on Triangle Trig

Nov 30

NOTE: Our next test is Wednesday, Dec 3 for E Block and Thursday, Dec 4 for A Block

Here is the LINK to the Nelson 10 Chap 7 Review exercises. You could work through some/all of the following questions:

(A) On page 413-414, Q1,3,4,6,7,10 which are all very basic and these are a bit more challenging: Q11,12,14,19,20

(B) Read through p415!!

(C) On page 416-417, Q5,6,8,9,10,13 which are all very basic & these are a bit more challenging: Q15,16,17

(D) On page 418, 3 basic questions are Q3,4,5

NOTE: You ARE required to submit an TEST PREP on the day of the Unit Test.

Nov 21

Here is the LINK to a STUDY GUIDE for our SEMESTER EXAM

NOTE: You ARE required to submit an EXAM PREP on the day of the exam.

Dec 2

Here is the LINK to today's online PCPR scoring Rubric

Nov 2

Your UNIT 2 TEST DATES have been set. For BLOCK A, your test will be on Tuesday, Nov 11 and for BLOCK E, your test will be written on Wednesday, Nov 12

A REVIEW EXERCISE from the Nelson 10 Text, Chapter 2 is posted here. You should work through page 124-125, Q6,7,12-18,20,24. You can also work through page 126, Q3,4,5,8

Copies of LAST YEAR'S mid-unit quiz and end of unit test are linked on the RESOURCES page

Oct 12

Your UNIT 1 PROJECT on Linear Functions has now been assigned. You will build upon your Mathematical Art Assignment, as you will now once again design a piece of art work, constructed primarily through the use of Linear Functions (but may included circles & parabolas). Here is a link to the Project Details and here is a link to the Scoring Guidelines. We will discuss the project in class each day in class this week

Sept 15

You have an opportunity to give us your input & feedback on the PCPR rubric. Please complete the following survey, as we will now move to finalizing the rubric, its scoring & its recording in POLAR

Sept 11

You will have your FIRST MAJOR UNIT TEST coming up on Monday, Sep 22 & Tuesday, Sep 23 on BASICS OF FUNCTIONS & LINEAR FUNCTIONS. More details & Review Suggestions will be announced shortly!

August 20

You will have a QUIZ and MINI-ASSIGNMENT on Wednesday, Aug 27/Thursday, Aug 28 on FUNCTIONS! Details will be announced shortly!

Here is a LINK to the MHR Mathematics 10 textbook REVIEW SECTION. Some good questions from the REVIEW on pg 331-333 are Q6,7,8,11,13 and some good questions from the Practice Test on p335 are Q3,5,8,9 and Q10 for a challenge

From your Lesson Notes, I REALLY like page 4 from Lesson 2 and page 4 from Lesson 3!!!

Here is the link to the ANSWERS to the Chapter 6 section of the textbook

Aug 12

SUPPLIES LIST: You will need the following every day in class:

Binder/folder - to organize handouts (notes, homework, etc) you will receive throughout the semester

Spiral Notebook - this will be dedicated for homework ONLY. You are expected to keep this organized. Start each homework on a new page and include the lesson number and date.

Calculator - TI-84 recommended (preferably TI-84 Plus Silver Edition)

Computer/device - you will be asked to access a variety of resources during most classes, you are expected to have a device with you every day whether we use it or not. Make sure to check one out BEFORE class if you don't have yours.


June 3

Welcome to the 2014/15 school year. Let's work together towards a successful Grade 9 CAC experience .... and, hey, let's learn some Math too!!!!!

June 3

Bookmark the following websites:

(1) for an online graphing calculator from

(2) for the dynamic geometry software that we will use in Unit 2 from

(2) Bookmark for access to my website