Student Assessment in Math 2

I will be using a variety of assessment strategies, whether it be the regular tests, quizzes, and homework assignments, or other creative manners through with can demonstrate your mastery of skills/concepts (i.e. model building, producing videos/movies, teaching peers, etc ...) Your evaluation throughout the course will be comprised of the following assessment criteria:

(1) Knowledge/Understanding of skills and concepts

(2) Application of the skills/concepts in modeling scenarios

(3) Thinking/Inquiry/Problem Solving related to either pure or applied math

(4) Your ability to communicate your knowledge

The ISM percentage grade you earn in SEMESTER 1 the course is comprised of the following:



Portfolios comprise of the daily lesson work that the students have worked upon in over a period of 3-4 days. The portfolios usually consist of a student investigation into a selected topic, some consolidation work wherein the students move towards an understanding (and mastery) of some foundational skills, as well as an opportunity to extend their skills & understandings. Work is usually done collaboratively in class with peers and teacher(s).

50 %


Quizzes and Tests will focus on a small number of concepts learned over the previous few classes. They allow the teacher the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to the students on the accuracy of their solutions and their comprehension of the material. This work is usually individual!


Semester Exam

NOTE: As Grade 10 students this year, you don't have a Semester 1 Exam!!!

0 %

The ISM percentage grade you earn in SEMESTER 2 of the course is comprised of the following:



40 %


40 %

Semester Exam

A cumulative final exam in May is given to assess mastery of all topics studied over the course of the semester.

20 %