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Here is a list of the assignments and their due dates. Some have links to copies of the assignment.

These are some assignments oddities/peculiarities that I insist upon in written assignments. These assignments are usually application oriented (as I believe that you should know HOW and WHY the math is being used) and some are also pure math oriented (as I also believe that you should have some idea of WHAT we can do with the basic concepts that we have learned and HOW they related to the BIG math picture as well.)


(1) Here are some student exemplars ... examples of student work from previous courses. These exemplars are presented here in order to demonstrate what an assignment done at the A Level, B Level, and C Level look like in terms of format, presentation, depth of investigation, etc. Use these examples as guidelines for what your finished product looks like.

Student Exemplar for Level A

Student #2 Exemplar for Level A

Student Exemplar for Level B

Student Exemplar for Level C (or less)

Student Exemplar for Level A

Student Exemplar for Level A

(2) Work collaboratively on class assignments (NOT IB portfolios!!) but make sure the work is your own. I have evil, ingenious ways of determining whether the work is yours or someone else's!! TRY ME?!?!?!?

(3) Use the Assessment Rubric as you put together your assignment. There's a reason why I include the  rubric in the first place (i.e. its how I mark your work!!!!)

(4) Use all available (valid and legitimate) resources as you put together your assignment. Cite your sources.

(5) Sometimes, class time is given for assignments. Remember use this time wisely .... its a privilege .... not a right!!

(6) Due dates, once collaboratively set, are non-negotiable.


Assignment Assigned Date Due Date

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