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Date Announcements
May 21

HOMEWORK for THURSDAY ==> BRING a package of M&Ms to class ...... or else .....

May 8

Exam Review Suggestions are now posted in the HOMEWORK link

Mar 29

Have a GREAT Spring Break!!!

Mar 6

You are required to build a catapault and you may use these video links as a guide for the building of your catapaults. catapaults should be brought to class for Thursday's lesson. Bring along a video recording devise as well.

Feb 16

We are starting our Stats unit in which you are required to complete the following project. All class work has been set to review/teach you the necessary skills in order to carry out the requirements in the project

Feb 8

Trigonometry TEST PREP ==> Here are a couple of review/practice options for you:

Work through some straightforward problems from this worksheet or practice with these on-line questions (good for determining if your answers are right or wrong!)

Feb 6

Trigonometry Homework ==> complete the second worksheet that you started in class. The homework MUST be completed for Tuesday

Feb 2

Trigonometry TEST for Thursday, Feb 9

Jan 26

Trigonometry Homework for the weekend ==> Find out what a HYPSOMETER is and how to make one (HINT hypsometer, protractor are two good key words to use in your search). The homework MUST be completed for Monday

Jan 20

Trigonometry Homework is posted in the Homework link. The homework MUST be completed (or attempted - MAX time is 30 minutes) for Tuesday

Dec 12

Dec 12

Nov 21


The Linear Equations quiz date has been changed to Thursday, Nov 24.

Here are some review suggestions: Graphing Lines, here is one for Writing Equations in slope-intercept form and here is one for lines of best fit.


Sept 28


Remember to come in and do your Quiz corrections before the week is over!!!


Sept 20


I have posted our next portfolio for Unit #2 - Linear Equations. See either the Sept schedule link or the Lesson notes link


Sept 14



From your textbook, you can practice with the following questions:

Review Set 7A, p147, Q7,8

Review Set 7B, p148, Q6,7

Review Set 15A, p309, Q1,4,5,6,7

Review Set 15B, p310, Q1,4,7


August 23


Your HW for Thursday will be to work on the Sec 15A questions on page 299. See HW GRID for your question level


August 18


Your HW for the weekend should simply be to organize your work on the Unit Project, so that you and your partner can present to me your PROGRESS on the project


August 17



From your textbook, you can practice with the following questions:

EASY: Ex 7A, p129, Q2,9abc; Ex 7B, p134, Q1,2abc

MODERATE: Review Set 7A, p147, Q1,2,3,4,5,6

MORE DIFFICULT: Review Set 7B, p148, Q1,2,3,4,5


August 4


Download an e-copy of the textbook. Go through the Portal, to Student Resources => then to the High School folder => then Mathematics folder => then Textbook folder => then finally copy the ibmyp5 pdf textook


August 1


Welcome to Math 2. I hope you have a great year!! I look forward to working with you this year!