Lesson Notes for Mr. Santowski's Integrated Math 2 Class


These are some lesson note oddities/peculiarities that I insist upon:


(1) Include the lesson date, lesson number and title into your notes

(2) You may write down any key terms/definitions that are presented

(3) Participate in the concept development/exploration/investigation  and include this into your notes

(4) Participate in lesson examples and make sure that the question (exact or paraphrased) is included as is YOUR attempt at a solution OR at my illustrated solution

(5) Feel free to print out the lesson notes BEFORE you come to class (as they will be uploaded on my web pages prior to the lesson being taught). Including these printouts plus your additions to the printed notes is a valid way of keeping your note book up to date.

(6) Keep your notebook well organized and up-to-date. I will periodically, without advance notice, collect and MARK your lesson notes!!!!


Fri, May 4

Lesson 48

Conditional Probability

Wed, May 2

Lesson 47

Venn Diagrams and Probability

Thurs, April 26

Lesson 46

Probability of Compound Events - Visualizations using Tree Diagrams

Tues, April 24

Lesson 45

Introduction to Experimental Probability

Mon, April 16

Applications of Statistics

Link to Statistics Project "Who's the Best"

Tues, April 10

Review of Statistics

Link to Independent Statistics Unit Outline

Fri, Mar 23

Problem Solving Lesson

Problem Solving with Analytical Trig Worksheet

Mon, Mar 19

Lesson 42

Analytical Trig - Solving Linear Trig Equations

Mon, Mar 12

Lesson 41

Triangles & Sinusoidal Functions

Wed, Mar 8

Lesson 40

An Italian Lunch with the Sine and the Cosine

Mon - Thurs, Feb 27-Mar 2

Lesson 39

Problem Solving with Periodic Phenomenon

Mon - Thurs, Feb 20-24

Lesson 38

Modeling Periodic Phenomenon

Wed, Feb 15

Lesson 37

Periodic Phenomenon

Fri, Feb 910

Lesson 37

Class work from Nelson 10, Chap 6.7, p574-576 and here is the link to Nelson 11, Chap 6.2 dealing with all three triangle trig methods

Thurs, Feb 9

Lesson 36

Class work on Applying the cosine law from Nelson 10, Chap 6.6, p566-570

Tues, Feb 7

Lesson 35

The Cosine Law as a Powerpoint. The same notes here as a pdf

Fri, Feb 3

Lesson 34

Class work from Nelson 10, Chap 6.4, p554-557

Thurs, Feb 2

Lesson 33

The Sine Law

Thurs - Mon, Jan 26 - Jan 30

Lesson 32

Applications of Right Triangle Trigonometry

Mon/Tues Jan 16/17

Lesson 30

Applying Transformations of Functions

Mon - Fri Jan 9 - 13

Lesson 29

Transformations of Functions

Transformations of Functions - Day 2

Transformations of Functions - Day 3

Wed/Thurs Dec 14/15

Lesson 28

Linear Transformations of the Reciprocal Function

Mon/Tues Dec 12/13

Lesson 27

The Reciprocal Function

Thurs/Fri, Dec 1/2

Lesson 26 - Day 2

Link to Class Work - Worksheet #1

Link to Challenge Problems

Mon/Tues, Nov 28/9

Lesson 26

Composition of Functions Notes as ppt

Composition of Functions Notes as pdf

Fri, Nov 25

Lesson 25

Piecewise Functions - Day 3

Wed, Nov 23

Lesson 25

Piecewise Functions - Day 2

Mon, Nov 21

Lesson 25

Piecewise Functions

Fri, Nov 18

Lesson 24

Working With Functions

Here is a link to the board notes outline

Mon, Nov 14

Lesson 23

Introduction to Functions

Here is a link to the D BLOCK class notes from our in-class discussions

Here is a link to the G BLOCK class notes from our in-class discussions

Here is a link to the H BLOCK class notes from our in-class discussions

Fri, Nov 4

Lesson 22

Applications of Quadratic Relations - Optimization

Thurs, Nov 3

Lesson 21

Quadratic Systems

Fri, Oct 21

Lesson 20

Standard Form & the Quadratic Formula

Wed/Thurs, Oct 19/20

Lesson 19

Forms of Quadratic Equations - Vertex Form

Mon/Tues, Oct 17/18

Lesson 18

Forms of Quadratic Equations - Standard Form & Factoring

Thurs/Fri, Oct 13/14

Lesson 17

Zeroes of Quadratic Relations

Mon/Tues, Oct 10/11

Lesson 16

Properties of Quadratic Relations

Wed/Thurs, Oct 5/6

Lesson 15

Introduction to Quadratic Relations

Here is an outline of the activities for this lesson

Wed/Thurs, Sept 21/22

Lesson 12

Applying Exponential Equations - Compound Interest

Mon/Tues, Sept 19/20

Lesson 11

Writing and Representing Exponential Equations

Mon/Tues, Sept 12/13

Lesson 10

Link to PowerPoint version of notes for Lesson 10 Exploring Exponential Equations

and here is the link to the pdf version of the class lesson notes

Mon/Tues, Sept 5/6

Lesson 9

Link to Problem Solving with Linear Systems scoresheet and here is the link to the Investigation Outlines and the Nelson 10 Chap 1 pages

Thurs/Fri, Sept 1/2

Lesson 8

Applying Linear Systems

Thurs/Fri, Aug 25/26

Lesson 7

Solving Linear Systems Algebraically

Fri/Tues, Aug 19/23

Lesson 6

Solving Linear Systems Graphically

Tues-Fri, Aug 16-19

In Class Assessments

Here is the first in-class quiz and here is the second in-class quiz

Tues/Wed, Aug 16/17

Lesson 5

Linear Equations - Slope-Point Form

Fri/Mon, Aug 12/15

Lesson 4

Modelling with Scatter Plots - Lines of Best Fit

Thurs/Fri, Aug 11/12

Lesson 3

Modeling with Linear Equations - Standard Form

Tues/Wed, Aug 9/10

Lesson 2

Modeling with Linear Equations

Fri/Mon, Aug 5/8

Lesson 1

Writing Linear Equations

Thur/Fri, Aug 4/5

Course Introduction - Assessment

Course Introduction - Assessment (as DOC or as PDF)