Rules and Guidelines Mr. Santowski's Classes

1. Respect yourself. Expect the best and give your best.

2. Respect others. Be courteous, polite and mindful of others in the classroom. Be constructive in your criticism and be helpful to others. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

3. All assignments are due on the day specified at the beginning of class. If you are present at school on the due date but you are unable to attend class (i.e. field trips, athletics), you will submit them to the office or have a classmate submit them on your behalf or give them to me before you leave.

4. Late assignments: you have until I return marked assignments to submit them.

5. In the case of a justified illness for assigned work, one day of grace is granted. You will submit the required work the day of your return

6. If you are absent for a lesson, it is your responsibility to get the notes for the lesson and find out what you have missed prior to coming to class. The homework from the lesson you missed should be attempted and you will write any quiz on the day of your return.

7. Students who will be absent for a prolonged period of time should notify me in advance of the absenteeism and obtain an outline of the topics and a list of pages that will be studied.

8. If you are absent for a test, you will present a note to the office upon your return, and write a make-up test on the day of your return. If you are going to miss a test due to extracurricular activities, inform me prior to the activity.

9. Make sure you are punctual and consistent in your attendance.

10. During the lessons, do not be disruptive or talking in class.

11. During class time which is designated for homework or group work, do not be disruptive or unfocussed. Stay on task!

12. Do not ask me any assignment related questions in class. During a lesson and subsequent classwork, I will only answer questions related to the current lesson or the previous day's lesson.

13. I will make myself available to you at any mutually agreed upon time. I usually remain at school after classes, usually until 5:30 - 6:00. Additionally, I am available every noon hour, except on Fridays.