Hints and Suggestions

Here are a couple of suggestions for getting through the course successfully:

1. Time management suggestion => an hour per night on school nights, maybe some extra time on the weekends for doing assignments. Plan on spending 4 - 7 hours per week on the course, which takes into account homework time, study time, and doing assignments.

2. With respect to time management, ultimately what will make you successful (or not) in IB or at ISM or eventually in university is not so much what you know, it's how you manage your time (and your freedom)!!!

3. Have a support network. Who are you going to call when you get stuck? Do you have a Math Study Group formed yet for awesome weekend math "parties"???

4. Do not procrastinate on Portfolio Assignments. They are difficult and challenging and if you need help at the last minute, your "support network" may not be able to help you, nor will I.

5. The homework listed in the lessons and mentioned in class is merely a "suggestion". Remember, you will face the same scenario in University. No one "checks" your homework, so no one will know whether you do it or not. As it pertains to this course, I will NOT check homework daily, but you are free to ask any questions about homework at the start of the class period. So as it pertains to you doing homework, remember point #1, point #2 and the idea that "no practice = no mastery"!!!