Class Policies for Mr. Santowski's Math Classes


1. Respect yourself. Expect the best and give your best.


2. Respect others. Be courteous, polite and mindful of others in the classroom. Be constructive in your criticism and be helpful to others. Treat others as you would like to be treated.


3. Model honesty: Make sure that your work is your own.


4. Model integrity in all you do: in your work, in your behaviour, in who you are.


5. Character: What you do and how you do it and why you do it is largely a reflection of your character! So decide NOW on what character you have and wish to continue to develop as this course progresses. General rule of thumb .... as in Math, as in LIFE. Think about it!


6. Below are the key homework policies you should know:

6.1 Feel free to collaborate with your peers, but make sure your work is your own

6.2 Include date, lesson title, page number and questions at the top of your HW.

6.3 Do your homework the evening the lesson was taught.

6.4 Homework is due the next class before the start of the lesson. No exceptions.

6.5 All homework MUST be checked against the answer key in the back of the book.



7. The following are key assignment policies you should know:

7.1 Feel free to collaborate with your peers, but make sure your work is your own.

7.2 All assignments are due on the day specified at the beginning of class.

7.3 Late assignments: you have until I return marked assignments to submit them (Usually 2-3 days) at the discounted rate of -25% per day.

7.4 Include a copy of the rubric and the question page with your work.

7.5 All work should be word processed and graphs should be computer/calculator generated.



8. The following are key attendance policies you should know:

8.1 TESTS: If you are absent for a test, your parents will email me (as well as the school - HS Office)that morning. You will also present a note to the office AND TO ME upon your return, and write a make-up test on the day of your return. Failure to comply: this qualifies as an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE and will result in a 0% score on the test and NO retake. If you are going to miss a test due to extracurricular activities, inform me prior to the activity.

8.2 ASSIGNMENTS: Since your assignment is word processed anyway, you will email me your assignment. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8.3 LESSON: You are required to do the lesson on your own at home (seeing that they are posted on this site and since you have a textbook)! All assigned homework MUST be completed (seeing that it is posted on this site and since you have a textbook). If you have questions, ask your classmates or email me.

8.4 HOMEWORK: You will submit your homework from the previous lessons and/or from the lesson(s) you missed.

8.5 Students who will be legitimately absent for a prolonged period of time should notify me in advance of the absenteeism and obtain an outline of the topics and a list of pages that will be studied (i.e. sports, family issues, etc....)

8.6 Exceptions will be made on an individual basis for legitimate affairs like family emergencies etc....

9. Lesson conduct: My expectation is that you participate in the development of the concept/skill during the lesson. So, during the lessons, do not be disruptive or talking in class or do not be OFF-TASK. You are only harming yourself .... plus the person(s) with whom you are talking. During class time which is designated for homework or group work, do not be disruptive or unfocussed. Stay on task!


10. Extra Help: I will make myself available to you at any mutually agreed upon time. My free periods are Blocks A, E and G. I usually remain at school after classes, usually until 5:00 - 5:30 pm. Additionally, I am available every lunch period and during Tutorials time.


11. Where to find me: I will usually be in Rm P044.