WINSTAT Instructions

(A) Creating the Scatter Plot

(i) From the WINDOW menu, select Multi-var data

(ii) From the EDIT menu, select Dimensions - set it up so your data sheet will have 3 columns (one for time, one for actual temp, and one for adjusted temp)and an appropriate number of rows (i.e. how many data points do you have?)

(iii) On the data sheet, select vbl 1, vbl 2, and vbl 3 and rename it by clicking on it.

(iv) Now edit the pre-entered data by entering your own data. Simply click on the data and type in your own and hit enter

(v) Now that you have entered all your data, from the PLOT menu select 2D Plot 1. Select the hori axis to be 1 (meaning that your horizontal axis or your x-axis is the first column of data from your data sheet) - NOTE: This is usually automatically done by the program so you usually do not have to do this. Then select the vert axis to be 2 (or 3 as is appropriate). You should now see the scatter plot.

(B) Presenting the Scatter Plot

(i) You can change the presentation of the scatter plot by experimenting the VIEW menus. Select the following menus and change them around ==> corners, grid, overlay axis. Make sure you prepare an acceptably presented graph.

(C) Determining the Equation of the Curve of Best Fit

(i) From the LINE menu, select Type and then exponential.

(ii) Now, go back to the LINE menu and select Least-sq. This will draw the line of best fit for you as well as showing the equation on the bottom of the graph.

(iii) To find the coefficient of determination (to see how well the line fits the data), go to the MISC menu and select Show and from this menu, select the coeff corr option. Now the coefficient of determination should appear on the bottom of your scatter plot.

(D) Copying the Graph and Information

(i) You will now want to put the graph into your assignment (which is being word processed anyway). So go to the FILE menu and select the Bitmap to clipboard option (or you may also use the copy to clipboard option - or even the print option if you wanted to (not recommended for the sake of the quality of your presentation of the assignment). When you select the Bitmap to clipboard option, disregard the message that comes up by hitting OK. Now go to your document and simply PASTE it into your document. Then in your document, adjust the size and position of the graph so that it fits nicely into your text and into the question.

Here is an example of the final product