Physics                Unit A                 Day 4



¨      Describe in words the information presented in graphs and draw graphs from descriptions of motion

¨      Interpret graphs of position versus time for a moving object to find position and velocity

¨      Find velocity of object using slope of line of position versus time graphs.


5.         Lab A1 Uniform Motion

Discuss lab background and design of air table and spark apparatus. Air table will reduce (but not eliminate) friction. Focus on safety and breakage as well as twisted tubes and operation of control pedal. Emphasis that the air table is a precise instrument and not a “toy”.


Focus student attention on areas of lab report to complete. Evaluation will be discussed later (as will the Lab Appendix B).


            Do Lab A1 in groups of 4.

Cycle the students through the lab and monitor their use of equipment.

Approximately 8 – 10 minutes per group.


6.              Graphing Process

Distribute handout outlining graphing process. Students are to read and note examples.


Do Exercise A2 while waiting turn to do lab.


7.         Homework – Finish Analysis #1 and #2