Self and Peer Evaluation Rubric

Please fill out the self score of the evaluation honestly about your performance during this activity. Then have the peer score filled out by all of the other members of your group.





When there is work for the project, I…

let others in the group do most of the work to meet the deadline.

do only what is necessary to complete my task for the deadline.

always do more than what is necessary to get the work done to meet the deadline.

When working on the project, I…

give very few ideas and don't help to improve upon the ideas of others.

offer a few ideas.

always contribute ideas that can be used and work to improve others' ideas.

During class time I can be seen…

not working or as a disruption to others (talking, playing, doing homework, etc.)

working at my task most of the time and never as a disruption.

always doing something which benefits my group.

How do I give ideas and listen to ideas within the group?

I always think my ideas are right and I often argue with the group.

I give ideas and/or listen to ideas but not in a positive cooperative manner.

my suggestions are always polite and I listen sincerely to others' ideas.

My effort is…

less than the other members of the group.

equal to most members of the group.

equal to or better than all other members of the group.