Rube Goldberg Project Evaluation Rubric

Names: __________________________________________________________________________________






Number of sequential, non-repeating steps

6 There are 6.

 10 There are at least 10 steps.

 15 There are at least 15 steps.


Bonus points if 20 or more steps have been included.

Level of Difficulty

 4 Most of the steps are simplistic.

 7 There is a mix between simplistic steps and ones which require accuracy.

 10 The steps are intricate and a high degree of accuracy is required.



Theme and Performance

 2 Theme consists of only a sign.

 5 Machine/people present elements of a theme but no artistic performance.

 10 The theme is clear and apparent in all aspects of the project. The artistic performance is very good.




 1 There is extensive use of flimsy supports, and the machine is not very sturdy.

 3 The machine is finished and has only a few weak points.

 5 The machine is solidly and aesthetically built.





 20 The machine will run through a complete cycle without any human intervention.


 Deduct 3 points for each intervention.





2 Some object falls .

5 An object follows a projectile path without touching anything but does not start with upward motion.

10 An object follows a projectile path without touching anything and starts with some upward motion.




 0 There is no collision between two objects to transfer momentum.


5 One object collides with a different object to transfer momentum.



vertical loop

 0 There is no vertical loop.

 2 The vertical loop section works but not without help.

 5 An object has sufficient speed to complete a full vertical loop.



lever (2nd or 3rd class)

 0 Not incorporated

 3 Incorporated but not labeled or explained.

 5 Incorporated and labeled



compound pulley

 0 Not incorporated.

 5 Incorporated to lift something.



electric circuit

 2 There is a commercial electric circuit which is switched on or off during the run.

 3 The group has used a hand-made electric circuit which is opened or closed but does not activate a subsequent step.

 10 An electric circuit is closed or opened which results in the activation of the next step in the machine.






 Total Mark

 ________ 100